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Welcome to Smartsave

Hello and welcome to Smartsave, we are committed to providing outstanding service and benefits to our Members, Employers and Advisers.

If you need any help at all you can contact us Tollfree on 1300 654 720 or drop us an email at

Remember, before making a decision to invest in Smartsave you should read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) in full.

Temporary residents (holding a temporary visa under the Migration Act 1958 other than a retirement visa Subclass 405 or 410)

If you are a temporary resident and you permanently depart Australia or no longer hold a visa, we are obliged to transfer your unclaimed super to the ATO after six months of your departure or cessation of your visa (as notified by the ATO).

Irrespective of whether you later return to Australia or remain overseas, you can apply to the ATO for release of your super. Transferred super benefits can be claimed via the ATO’s website at

On transfer of your super benefit to the ATO, you will cease to be a member of the Fund. In this case, we are not required to provide you with an Exit Statement or any other exit disclosure due to relief provided by ASIC.

If you become an Australian or New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, the obligation to transfer your super benefit to the ATO does not apply and you can continue to be a member of the Fund.

Note: This section does not apply to temporary residents, as defined in the title of this section, who satisfied a condition of release before 1 April 2009. For information on the rules for accessing super applying to these members, please speak to your adviser.


We’ve designed Smartsave so that you have a wide choice of investment options across all of the major asset classes. Ranging from cash, fixed interest, property, a wide array of both local and overseas share options and multi-sector options such as managed stable, balanced and growth.


How much will you need for a comfortable retirement? Where should you invest your money? What type of investor are you? What are the benefits of ‘salary sacrificing’? The tools provided make it easier for you to plan for your future...

About Smartsave

Smartsave is a complete superannuation and retirement product that provides you with an extensive choice of investment alternatives. Smartsave enables you to prepare for your retirement through wholesale investments with the option of taking a lump sum retirement benefit or converting your superannuation to a regular income stream in your retirement. You will have access to your money at all times, subject to legislative requirements.
Smartsave caters for both employer groups and individuals and provides comprehensive insurance arrangements – in some cases insurance is automatic which means that you may not need to supply evidence of good health to enjoy insurance cover.
Smartsave can accept contributions from you or your employer on a regular basis or by occasional lump sums. Amounts can also be transferred from other superannuation or rollover funds. In addition, contributions may be made by you on behalf of your spouse. There is no minimum initial or additional contribution, rollover or transfer.

Our Library

In Smartsave’s Library you’ll find information on all things superannuation in general and Smartsave in particular. If you have a specific query and which is not covered in Smartsave’s Library then give us a call on 1300 654 720 and we’ll try to get an answer for you.
Smartsave produces a quarterly newsletter for members designed to keep you fully informed on superannuation developments and the current status of investment markets. This newsletter is delivered electronically and is available in Smartsave’s Library or can be sent to you by email – simply join today (see below).