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Smartsave Member’s Choice Superannuation Plan – Update to Members

Provided is an update to the Summary of Important Information and Significant Event Notice issued to members by Diversa Trustees Limited (The Trustee), as Trustee of the Smartsave Member’s Choice Superannuation Master Plan (Smartsave or Fund), dated 29 January 2019.

The Trustee advises of a change to the transition date outlined in the communication issued to members. Please note, the transition of the investment options and underlying investments has been delayed and will now commence Monday 18 March 2019, with an expected completion date of no later than Friday 29 March 2019.

All other details issued in the communication dated 29 January 2019 remain un-changed. However, should the Trustee become aware of any further changes, updates to members will be issued.

If you have any queries in relation to your Smartsave account, please call 1300 654 720.


For and on behalf of

Diversa Trustees Limited

Trustee of Smartsave Member’s Choice Superannuation Master Plan