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The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has left many Australians concerned for their health and financial
security. The crisis has required unprecedented containment measures and had severe effects on domestic and
global markets.

While most coverage focuses on what’s happening right now – understandably – you may also be concerned
about the pandemic’s effects further down the track, especially as it pertains to your superannuation.
Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to ensure you’re providing yourself the best opportunity for a
comfortable retirement:

Firstly, ensure your employer is paying in the right amount of super

  • Organise online member access with your super fund, and check your transactions regularly to see
    what your employer has contributed. If they are contributing quarterly or more irregularly, ask your
    employer if they can change that to monthly. Time and money make a difference, the more regularly
    you invest, the faster money grows.
  • Check your myGov account and your super for extra contributions to your super account, for instance,
    there could be unexpected irregular payments made by employers (from past jobs) In our gig
    economy, it can happen, a colleague we know suddenly received a contribution of $850 from a job he
    had in the late 90s.

Review, and consider consolidating your super

  • Your myGov account will show you how many different super accounts you hold. Each has an
    administration fee, and many can have insurance attached.
  •  Consolidating into one super account that meets your needs can give your super a boost, through
    reduced costs alone. Whether this is by only paying one administration fee, or reduced insurance
  • While it is important to have insurance to protect your loved ones, and ensuring they are looked after
    in the event something happens to you, having it with too many super funds or Insurers can mean you
    are paying insurance premiums multiple times, and sometimes, depending on the insurance policy,
    you may not be able to claim on it. You should take the time to review your insurance cover on a
    regular basis or obtain professional financial advice if your circumstances change.

So consolidating your super is a good thing, but how do you go about it?

  • You can rollover using your super funds services – just complete the rollover form, either online in the
    online application form, or by downloading the form, completing by hand and sending it in.
  • Using myGov, you can choose the super fund you want the other super funds rolled into, and organise
    directly online. It’s as simple as that.

Money for later – Food for thought?

So While for many of us, it’s tough now, it’s still worth giving some thought to how you will manage to
have some funds for later.



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