The Money Smart website is an initiative of the Australian Securities & Investments Commission. It’s aim is to offer tips & tools to help you make the most of your money.

A number of useful calculators are included on superannuation and retirement. For example,

Superannuation calculator
Work out how much super you’ll have when you retire, the impact of any fees, and also compare differences in cost of contributing to different super funds.

Super contributions optimiser
The Super contributions optimiser will help show the type of super contributions which will give your super the biggest boost, and how best to make.

Retirement Planner
Helps work our possible income from super, and for example the age pension after you retire. The actions you can take to boost your super and retirement income, and how contributions, investment options, fees and your retirement age affect your income in retirement.

Employer contributions calculator
Work out how much super your employer should be contributing to your super fund on your behalf. Compare to your payslip and to your Super Fund member account.

  • Super and pension age calculator
  • Pension (account based) calculator
  • Other Helpful calculators and factsheets

There are also many other calculators and informative fact sheets on the moneysmart website. For example, there are sections on managing money, borrowing and debt, investments and tips for life events.

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Smartsave Member, Investment and Insurance Guides provide useful general information on:

  • Considerations around saving for super, investment, your time horizon, level of risk , and investment options.
  • Important insurance information which may help you make a decision on the level of insurance cover you need to protect you and your family
  • Helpful information on the rules around superannuation, options available to you such as low-income contribution, salary sacrificing, caps on contributions, where to get further information and much more.